Adventure Boards(Maps)

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  • Rare Item = **

[Rare Items are only obtainable at the world it is listed in!]

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Many of the floors on every adventure have different "versions".

Example: Shrine of Slumber -> Shrine of Slumber II -> Shrine of Slumber III

This means the floor plan is different from the original, and in turn may have many different secrets! Only a true player will find them all!

*Some floors go up to two different "versions". Others can even go up to three!

All worlds start with a "Party Lobby" floor by default so that members can wait
for their parties before starting. You may also change the setting so that there is no party lobby if you wish so that you can start by yourself without waiting.

Also, the last floor for every world is a place called "The Victory Garden: A Homecoming for Heroes". You may see any of the two ways (The Victory Garden/A Homecoming for Heroes) on the lists but they are both the same.

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