Hi I'm Astralknight. I work as an Editor and Assistant Maintenance Operations here in the database. In the SGA clan I am also the Head Trainer and Contest Manager. If you need tips for better strategies or techniques, I'm the best guy to go to.
Everything about my contests are on the Contests and Activities page in the Official SGA website (invitation access only). Once your in the SGA you can suggest some new contests that we can compete in! See you on the Adventure Boards!

Don't be afraid to email any person listed. We don't disclose your email to anyone and we won't send you anything unnecessary such as ads, promotional emails, and spam. We are here to help and not to burden. We believe in the security of the players. Your email is safe with us.

Contact Info:
Best time to contact me is in-game but if need be my email is: moc.oohay|rtsmhsamsrepus#moc.oohay|rtsmhsamsrepus
Please make an appropriate subject line to ensure I know it's from a fellow Spiral Knights player.

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