"If you see me in game, don't be afraid to LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!"
-Something I am very unlikely to ever say to you.

Hello! If you were some how unable to figure it out yet, I'm Brightside, but you already knew that didn't you. Smarty pants. I caught wind of this Database, and figured it would be a great thing to get involved with. When asked, I do what I can to add new content to the wiki… but I have this weird animation problem with my game, and I cant really see a lot of characters everyone else can. It has made of an interesting experience of feeling my way through fights instead of using my sight. Did I mention I get side tracked easy?


What in game players look like.

Anyway, I am the 4th or 5th Admin of SKDB after Zard, Raii, Jesus, and Astral in some order, but feel free to get ahold of me if need be. My in game name is Brightside.

Thanks for reading? I guess?

*Awkward turtle*

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