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Information currently allowed on the wiki

As the Database and Information Manager, I need to lay some rules.
The information you guys have gathered is great, but it cannot be proven in some areas, because this is a wiki, facts are important, the following is a list of all topics that can currently be posted, and ones that cannot, and why they cannot.

ALLOWED: these topics can be posted
-"Pick-ups" (IF PROVEN)
-The names of maps, and the stages in them
i.e. Aurora Isles, Sea Petal Pass

NOT ALLOWED: these topics do not contain enough facts
-Devices in Dungeons
i.e. Boxes, Explosives
We cannot confirm there names
EXCEPTIONS: Behemoth, Trojan
-Unreleased Items

ALLOWED (UN): these topics are a allowed, but not really needed
-All other guild members with important postions

I apologize for being a bit of a ass, but Id like to keep a good wiki. ~Zardica

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