Make/Join a Game

This section explains how to join or make a game.

HowTo Join a Game

To join a game with your friends you can either open your Social tab (located to the upper left of your HUD) and join one of your friends or you can go to the Adventure Boards and select a Friend's Party. Another possible way to unknowingly join a game is to go to Create a Game and check the box marked 'In Progress'. If there's a game open on that map and there is seat open for you, you will join a random game.


HowTo Make a Game

To make a game you have to go to the Adventure Boards and select Create a Game. There are several options to choose from. Here's a quick summary of what they are/do.

  • Expedition: Choose a map from the list.
  • Party size: Choose if you want to solo it or leave room for friends and guests.
  • Loot distribution: Two options are 'Round Robin' and 'Free for All'. 'Round Robin' means that crowns will be distributed evenly among all members in the party. Also any loot that a player picks up will automatically be given to one of the other players. In 'Round Robin' the person that picks up items never gets it. 'Free for All' means what you get you keep.
  • Party progress: You can choose between two options, 'Lobby' or 'In Progress'. 'Lobby' will create a new game and 'In Progress' will join a random game (if there is one). If there is no game to join you will be started in the Lobby.
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