Lumber Golem


World: Clover, Falcon, Moonlight
Floor: Many Floors
Number of Active Bosses in Battle: Many

A hulking golem forged of metal and wood, it is quite fast considering its size, so don't let your guard down. It's one gigantic arm does take a bit to wind up, which gives you plenty of time to evade.

ATTACK 1: The Lumber Golem will raise its hammer of an arm and bring it crashing down, causing a considerable amount of damage, which may Stun the player.

Suggested Player Response: Despite it's high health, the Lumber Golem is easy to take down. There is no specific spot where you have to hit, so just smash him up! These creatures have one major flaw though, if you get in close, his attacks can't hit you! You have to get in REAL close for that to happen.

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