In Spiral Knights there are five main merchants as well as a travelling merchant that sells goods to players.

Haven Bazzar Merchants

These are four of the five main merchants that players will encounter. Located to the west of Haven.


* Ricasso: Gun & Explosive Merchant
* Greave: Armor Merchant
* Kragen: Shield & Trinket Merchant
* Quillion: Blade Merchant

The Victory Garden Merchant

In the Victory Garden there is always the merchant Virgil. He sells basic items for low prices.

* Virgil: Templar of the Spiral Order

The Travelling Merchant

There is also a travelling merchant in a specific spot on several maps that will sell a certain list of rare items. Usually in order to access him you must have a silver key. But don't worry, he sells more silver keys for only 100 Crowns each! The picture on the left was taken in Moonlight Gate, but he's in many more places.

  • Basil: Travelling Merchant
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