HAII THERE I'm Raii, If you gotta know where to find me in game, Look in the SGA base or around the Map board, But If you don't seem to find me there…STOP LOOKING, No Just kidding whisper me If you cant seem to find me anywhere. If I'm not your friend, I'm mostly going to act normal and above my age (13) and gender (Female) but if you get to know me or see me with my SGA buddies Ill kinda…. lose it. But I digress Feel Free to ask my any questions email me (Mymittens <— MY CATS NAME GOWD) Otherwise come up to me in game Ill answer you questions, Just because im 13 does not mean that I cannot, So feel free. KthxBaii

<— That's me in-game and I'm a member of the <SGA>

Contact Info:
Contact me in game or ten.enilnotpo|snettimym#ten.enilnotpo|snettimym Or my Aim moc.mia|ofnI4iiaR#moc.mia|ofnI4iiaR
Good Luck ^-^

~Thanks and have fun!

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