Status Effects

This is a basic template, not yet ready to be released to the wiki.

Spiral Knights has a few certain types of status afflictions that can adversely affect game play. These are some short summaries on what they do and how to avoid being affected.

Information is lacking due to the current state of the Spiral Knights game.
*Information is not accurate. Only from memory are we pulling the information.

Fire: The fire status effect lasts 30 sec.

Poison: The poison status effect lasts 20 sec. 1/3 of a health bar is lost every *5 sec.

Freeze: The frozen status effect lasts *30 sec. You can break free early if you attempt to move around. You can still attack and block but you can't change your line of sight.

Curse: The curse status effect lasts *60 sec. *You take damage every time you attack.

Stun: The stun status lasts *20 sec. You can't run during a state of stun.

*Shock: [Information not available/final]

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