The Third Preview

About The Third Event

After noticeable activity several days before, Spiral Knights went online on January 13th, 4:40 EST. There were several noticeable features. The first and most surprising was the new Energy System. Along with this there were several other cosmetic changes and a new map. The old map names had been changed and the extended option was now disabled on some. There were some noticeable lagging issues this time around, especially on Friday when the game was advertised publicly and many new players flocked in. This time rather then a small testing community like the last event there was around 40-60 and up users on at anytime.


The End

There was no mystery surrounding the fact that this was still another preview event. Even so, some players were surprised to find out on January 19th at approx 2:40pm EST that the game was going down. Once again the items and character names that players had would be wiped, leaving only intact the account names.

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