World: Silent Metropolis
Floor: Behemoths (Floor 4)
Number of Active Bosses in Battle: 2

This large stone beast is a terror to all players! Its large size makes it quite slow, but do not let your guard down. They have ways of making up for there sluggishness! This monster has 3 devastating attacks:

ATTACK 1: Tortodrone will smash the ground, sending a shock wave outward. This shock wave doesn't travel very far, but can be lethal towards your health.

Suggested Player Response: Quickly move away from the Behemoth as it raises its arms.

ATTACK 2: Tortodrone will lunge foward, attempting to ram into the player. It's an easily avoidable move as it will charge for a few seconds prior to execution.

Suggested Player Response: Use the "charging" sequence of the Behemoth's attack as an alert to move left/right, away from the directional line of fire between you and the boss.

ATTACK 3: To make up for its lack of speed, the Tortodrone will open the panels on its sides, firing a barrage of crystals into the air that rain down on the players. It's the most devastating move in the Tortodrone's arsenal as it has multiple attack ranges and is active for semi-long periods of time. NOTE: After they land, the crystals will remain in the ground and can STILL damage you! Stay aware of the crystals! They can also Inflict Shock!

Suggested Player Response: IMPORTANT! This move can be easily avoided if you stay calm! Upon execution, the Tortodrone's attack shows reddish spots (following your position) prior to landing. This is a crucial hint to move out of the way! Keep running without standing over the red spots. This is the best way to avoid this attack as the crystals are indestructible.


Heres a video submitted by Alec on how to beat the Tortodrone solo.

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