World: Lionheart Gate
Floor: Battle Arena (Floor 4)
Number of Active Bosses in Battle: 1

This stone horse warrior is nothing to be afraid of, but nothing to underestimate. His speed is very slow but makes up for it with power. Follow this guide to stay alive when facing this menace.

ATTACK: Trojans usually won't attack until you stop in front of it for even just a second. When it attacks, it brings up its heavy sword slowly and then thwarts it downward with such force that it can wipe out plenty of health. His range is very long so always move to the side if your about to get caught in it.

Suggested Player Response: Its only weak spot is the purple crystal on its back. One way is to use bombs and lay them around the Trojan constantly. If you keep making circles around it, it won't be able to lock on to you and make an attack. It will eventually go down but there is a faster way. If your not using bombs, you can simply wait for the Trojan to ready its attack by stopping in front if it for a second. BUT DON'T STAY THERE LONG. Quickly move around him to get a shot at its back. Your window to attack is small so you have to be very quick. Charged shots will make this beast last seconds.

There is another known kind of Trojan. We call it the Golden Trojan. Any golden monster can't be defeated because it has no weak points, making it invulnerable to every weapon. You can identify this warrior by its distinct golden armor. Don't engage in combat with the Golden Trojan. There is no way to penetrate its armor AT ALL!


Heres a video submitted by Alec on how to beat the Trojan solo.

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