Tyrannus is the first player to ever create a Spiral Knights guild. On the Second day that spiral knights was running, he founded the <SGA> or Spiral Gods Alliance, as an idea to gather the best players of the game, in a single, unified group. Although he came up with the idea, he looked to two of his closest in game partners, Jesus and Mavrick, to create a foundation for the guild. The Three of them are appropriately referred to as "The Founders".
The <SGA>, on its second day of existance, worked not only to recruit new members by sending recruits through a challenging gauntlet referred to only as "The Test", but also estabblished both a forum and a wiki, with which they organized and processed almost every aspect of the game before its departure.
When Spiral Knights officially closed its public access, the <SGA> had amassed more than 25 accepted players, and had collected information on every item released at that time.
Today, Tyrannus manages the <SGA> forum and converses with his active <SGA> companions. To contact him about becoming a static member, email him at moc.oohay|3991sunnaryT#moc.oohay|3991sunnaryT. Unless you have been in the game and met him so you could test for complete membership, even static members have no access to the Spiral Gods Alliance forum yet. Fear not however, as when the game comes back, he can schedule a meeting for your testing. To know what you need to test, go to the <SGA> pages of this wiki.

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